Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Upcoming Madness

March 2 - Dr. Suess' The Lorax.... Dr. Suess kid's movies, can't go wrong
March 23 - The Hunger Games... adaptation of the best-selling book
March 30 - Wrath of the Titans.... A sequel to a remake of a movie that didn't have a sequel.....
                    Looks like it will be action-packed though....
April 6 - American Reunion.. How many will it take to kill the series?
               Is there going to be an "American Nursing Home?" 
April 13 - The Three Stooges..... Will Sasso as Curley and Sean Hayes as Larry....it HAS to be funny!!
May 4  -The Avengers.....every comic book nerd's live-action movie fantasy!!
May 11 - Dark Shadows.... Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, nuff said!!!
June 29 - G.I. JOE: Retalliation.... Cobra Commander returns and takes over the US Government

More movie news to come....STAY TUNED!!!!!

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