Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Rating System

Ok, now that we have a review on the board, Lets go over the Blake Buster Rating System. 

P-I: "Pirate It" If you feel you have to see this flick, pirate it!  Don't waste money on this movie!!!
RB-I: "Red Box It"  Wait for the rental.  Red Box only costs a dollar a day ma friend!
DT-I: "Dollar Theater It" Cinema worthy, but not worth 10 dollars to see!
T-W: "Theater Worthy" Oh yeah, Go see it on the big screen. It's good!
C-W: "Collection Worthy" Saw it, loved it, when it hits DVD, I'm buying it!!!

There ya go folks, a a fool-proof way to decide on what movie to see and when.

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