Saturday, July 28, 2012

The Dark Knight Rises

By far, this is the review I have been waiting to write! Plot: Its been eight years since the battle with the Joker. Batman has disappeared with the death of Harvey Dent being blamed on him. Gotham is at peace until a new threat rises named Bane. Bane seeks to finish the job the the League of Shadows left behind.....the destruction of Gotham City. Bruce Wayne must come out from the shadows, dawn the cape and cowl once more and protect Gotham from evil!

Kudos Mr. Nolan. The story line was AMAZING! And thank you for redeeming the character of Bane from Joel Schumacher's brainless and idiotic version (Batman and Robin, 1997). The comic book version of Bane was intelligent, artistic and brilliantly cruel. The plot twist throughout the end were jaw dropping as well! I didn't think this would top Heath Ledger's Joker or the stroy line of "The Dark Knight" but it very well did!

Rating - CW: Not just collection worthy, but this one goes straight to the front of the collection!

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